Month: May 2018

The Latest Sewing Machine Technology in 2018

Whether you are the owner of a tailoring company or a stay at home mom looking for a good sewing machine, you should not compromise on the latest tech that is taking the world of tailoring by the storm. We have come a long way from the push pedaling machines, here are some of the latest sewing machine technology in 2018 you should know about.

The best sewing machines in the market combine many excellent features. They are more user-friendly and has many safety features as well as portability.

  • Automatic button holder: This feature is built to have you automatically insert a button into the slot. The machine itself sews a buttonhole in it, eliminating the need for you to do it.
  • The automatic power button: Gone are the days when push pedaling was the way to work a sewing machine. All good washing machines now come equipped with the power button for easy work.
  • The feed-dog mechanism: For sewing patterns and designs, the feed dog adjustment allows you to have a hassle-free experience. It works by holding on the design pattern so you don’t have to stress keeping in the line. It also provides accurate and straight cutting for creating amazing embroidery patterns. People who have large batches of embroidery can make use of this feature to reduce the effort and time spent on the dependability and accuracy of the design. The embroidery from some of the best machines is flawless.
  • Automatic end of stitch feature: All the best sewing machines are equipped to lift the needle and pressure foot at the end of the seam and tie off the thread. When you bring the machine to a start for your next stitch it resets again. This can be customized for your convenience.

How to Use Technology for a Healthy Lifestyle

Technology is a mixed bag of benefits and disadvantages. Technology can make us lead a sedentary life causing many health issues. It can also help us become more aware and informed about our health issues and help get the right help at the right time.

Get the latest knowledge

Internet has put the ability to instantly research about anything related to health. You can enter your symptoms and get all the information you need about the probable diseases and their treatment options. This knowledge can empower you with the ability to make the right decisions about seeking help.

Use devices to monitor health

Many devices have been developed to help you keep a check on your health conditions. There are technological devices available at mango lift that can check your blood pressure, monitor your blood sugar level, etc. These devices can help you become aware of any problems in time so that you can take the necessary measures to solve the problems.

Better communication

Mobile and internet technology has made the communication between doctors and patients faster and more convenient. You can meet your specialist virtually on a video chat and discuss your most difficult and even embarrassing issues from the complete privacy of your home.

Better treatment options

Modern technology has enabled us to find better treatment options. Improved diagnostic accuracy and treatment facilities have made it possible to deal successfully with diseases and ailments that were almost incurable in the past, thus improving the overall life-expectancy.

Improved ability for self help

Technology helps us stay more in control of our health. We can use the internet to stay updated about the latest health information. We can use various apps to help us with our diet and exercise plans and keep us motivated. Social media can be used to join groups of like-minded people and share information and resources.…

How technology and nature medicine working together

Technology draws its attention from nature whatever field it is. The statement hold true when it comes to medicines as well. The explosion of new technology has opened various doors in the medical niche but still the natural ways are still equally comprehensive. Outdoors tend to remove your physical and mental discomforts and even mimic medications for different ailments.

Scientists and researchers have concluded how a little part of nature is able to remove the root of the disease where even medical technologies fail. Now days, in this 21st century, both technology and nature goes hand in hand. In this modern era of technology, nature has not lost its charm. Both of these working together are a modern outlook or future of medical field. These few examples will explain how technology takes inspiration from the nature.

  1. Scientists have developed a micro chip for the treatment of cancer like MOVOMOVO. The chip works the same way the tentacles of a jelly fish work. As the tentacles reach wherever the food is, this microchip has access to each and every cancer cell wherever it is located in the body. Also, the chip helps to collect these cells so that the scientists and doctors can study them.
  2. Sticking two body surfaces when both are fluidly and warm, is a difficult task. The inspiration to stick these surfaces was taken from the glue bonds of the worm. Doctors use this worm inspired glue to adhere the two watery surfaces of the human body. The trick is commonly used in uterus surgeries. The protein based adhesive from worm’s body will enable to perform fetal surgeries that are quite impossible till date.

Both these examples depict how technology is incomplete without the inspiration from nature. The similar way, many other medical discoveries were the result of study of nature.…

The unbelievable gaming technology

Those who are really into gaming are always on the lookout for the latest technology to make their experience even more fun and exciting. Here, we will take a look at some unbelievable gaming technology, to make your next gaming session even more intense.

One of the most exciting new advances in gaming technology has got to be virtual reality headsets. These are perfect for giving you the ultimate gaming experience, in which you can fully submerge yourself in the game and forget about the outside world.

Augmented reality is another cool option, which allows you to take elements of the real world and involve them in the game. It might involve projecting a simulation into the real world for example. This type of system actually has a lot of real-world applications, and it’s possible that we will see it used in the healthcare industry in the not too distant future.

Another cool advance in gaming technology is the use of cloud storage. This might not sound amazing, but it greatly reduces the amount of memory required by a gaming system. This means games can become more and more elaborate, and the graphics can be much better, without compromising on speed or maxing out the capacity of the system.

Voice recognition is another great advance in gaming technology. This is a great way to save your hands free, and can be used for everything from switching your console on to actually playing the game. You can also use your voice to interact with other gamers during gameplay.…

How Does Drone Technology Work?

Drones are such fascinating creations. To actually see and feel an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that moves just above your head independently is truly wonderful. The very thought wants to make you own your very own drone. I love my drone and mostly use for taking pictures and high-quality videos.

However, have you ever wondered how a drone actually works? Read on to enlighten yourself about drone technology and its working.

What makes a drone work?

Although the operation of a drone may seem quite simple from the outside, it is much more complex on the inside than you can think of. The main operational principle of a drone lies in its design of a special multi-propeller system. Features of this system include:

  • Allows the drone to operate independently
  • Prevents failures from happening
  • Allows the drone to continue working even if one of the motors of the multi-propeller system stops working, as it draws power from the other propellers
  • Provides more power and control over its elevation, thus the number of motors present will determine the maximum load capacity
  • Derives energy from a dedicated power source and contain batteries that are removable, which makes it be in the air for longer periods
  • Extends flight time based on the battery power
  • Controls the landing

What makes a drone fly?

The main feature that enables a working drone to fly is the controller system. Features of a drone controller system including:

  • Controls all drone movements including taking off, navigation, and landing
  • Supports the drone with new and varied features based on minor tweaking of the controller system
  • Allows the drone to establish a good communication network between the radio waves and the remote unit
  • Operates in a frequency range of 2.4 GHz
  • Allows the drone to be Wi-Fi enabled and carries a GPS system, in addition to sensor units that permits the drone to be in the air for longer durations and vary its motor rotation, altitude, and speed