Day: May 9, 2018

How technology and nature medicine working together

Technology draws its attention from nature whatever field it is. The statement hold true when it comes to medicines as well. The explosion of new technology has opened various doors in the medical niche but still the natural ways are still equally comprehensive. Outdoors tend to remove your physical and mental discomforts and even mimic medications for different ailments.

Scientists and researchers have concluded how a little part of nature is able to remove the root of the disease where even medical technologies fail. Now days, in this 21st century, both technology and nature goes hand in hand. In this modern era of technology, nature has not lost its charm. Both of these working together are a modern outlook or future of medical field. These few examples will explain how technology takes inspiration from the nature.

  1. Scientists have developed a micro chip for the treatment of cancer like MOVOMOVO. The chip works the same way the tentacles of a jelly fish work. As the tentacles reach wherever the food is, this microchip has access to each and every cancer cell wherever it is located in the body. Also, the chip helps to collect these cells so that the scientists and doctors can study them.
  2. Sticking two body surfaces when both are fluidly and warm, is a difficult task. The inspiration to stick these surfaces was taken from the glue bonds of the worm. Doctors use this worm inspired glue to adhere the two watery surfaces of the human body. The trick is commonly used in uterus surgeries. The protein based adhesive from worm’s body will enable to perform fetal surgeries that are quite impossible till date.

Both these examples depict how technology is incomplete without the inspiration from nature. The similar way, many other medical discoveries were the result of study of nature.…