Month: June 2018

How technology is improving the construction industry in 2018

Technology is changing everything, from manufacturing to services to restaurants to Internet Technology and a whole host of other effects of technology. The global construction industry is forecasted to grow over 10 and a half trillion dollars by the year 2025 with an average yearly growth rate of 4% from 2018 to 2025. With this growth, it’s becoming increasingly clear that technology is going to be implemented within the construction industry at an increasingly fast pace that will radically change how the construction industry employs, functions and generates revenue. Read the rest of this article for more info.

  • Eco Friendly construction with more renewable energy usage

This will make bigger and better houses/construction projects easier and less expensive to do, if the process of construction is enhanced with the usage of green energy like Solar/Wind energy, fully automated construction lines, labor reducing technologies and safer work protocols can drastically lower the amount of money needed to construct a certain type of property.

  • 3-dimensional printing

The second technology that is now coming of age is the advent of 3D printing, the main constraints that have prohibited its growth over the past years has been the time and cost factor, the machines took a large amount of time and the cost to finish a project was extraordinarily expensive, hence why it was sparely used. Now companies are spread everywhere from China (, Australia (, and the US (

  • Robotics

Robotic workers will help augment the workforce in the future, from more autonomous cranes, to more efficient forklifts, these will help workers in construction finish projects earlier, cheaper and more efficiently. The payback time for these robots have been falling in practically every single industry for years and it will likely reach sustainable levels sometime in the near future.

This Technology Is Going To Revolutionize Lead Generation

Technology is here to stay and even take over the world as it is. The increased rate of technology development has given a significant boost to at least every business alive today. Technology has helped in ways that is beyond thoughts, examples like content generation, managing client issues and also how callbox is ideal way to get more sales in the market space.

Below is important information on how technology will revolutionize lead generation.

  • Widening your Horizon: getting contact and engaging leads that will convert can be a difficult task and this has proven to be a significant part of any business. Time can be wasted while trying to do this manually and there will be lots of lost opportunities so hence comes the AI artificial intelligence technology. This tech is able to engage new and potential customers in an online conversation and also generate great amount of leads without getting tired. This is why many companies have taken their time to bank their money on artificial intelligence.
  • The Use of Chatbot: This is also a part of artificial intelligence technology, this works in ways like a customer care representative. It connects with customers who have varieties of questions to be answered and help them solve their problem through simulated intelligent conversation. Most companies and businesses are now installing this mega tech on their website so as to make sure all customers are happy and frequently asked questions and problems are easily attended to. It also makes customer feel closer to the manufacturer, without having to wait endlessly on phone.
  • Customizing your audience: to get good lead generation you will need to target your audience. Technologies like facebook custom audiences can help you connect to your target market and also help find customers that are in line with your already gotten customers. This allows your return on investment to increase daily.

Hostgator v/s Godaddy Reseller Hosting Features and Pricing Comparison

Would you like to know which hosting company provides excellent features at affordable prices – Hostgator or Godaddy? Well, this session deals with the comparison of features and prices of Hostgator and Godaddy. Hosting company is very important to maintain your site in a good manner and for security as well as reliability for a long period. This session will help you to find the right hosting company that fulfills all your requirements. It also provides you the right host that offers good performance and resolve related issues in a quick manner.

If you are getting confused with these two service providers, then this deep study will help you in selecting the right one based on various hosting plans as well as pricing plans. This comparison will help you in choosing the best host that satisfies all your requirements in terms of features as well as services. Here is the comparison of Hostgator v/s Godaddy web hosting which is the two familiar web hosts.

Comparison Of Hostgator & Godaddy Features:

You can select your hosting plan regarding nature as well as the purpose of your site. In order to help you in selecting your best plan for a web host, the following are provided. The comparison also includes various features that are essential for a website to get more traffic and various services which are needed to solve any issue in a quick and better way.

Speed & Uptime:

Both the Godaddy & Hostgator guarantee for an uptime of 99.99 percent. You always want your visitors to visit your site and for that, your website must be available for almost all the time. By hosting some of the websites with the help of these two hosts, it is found that the Godaddy’s downtime is much greater and Hostgator will be the better host for you if your site regularly gets more traffic.

Also, the time taken by the Godaddy to load its page is greater when compared to the Hostgator. Most of the customers of Godaddy faced this problem and complaint about this issue in many sites whereas the customers of Hostgator have reported very few about this issue. Finally, it is founded that Hostgator provides better speed as well as high uptime.


The server of Hostgator runs on Dual Xeon whereas the server of Godaddy runs on the processors of Intel core i7. Both the hosting companies allow you for windows hosting as well as Linux hosting. As a result, both of them offer strong performance to your site.

Customer Support:

No one will like to wait for the customer support while most of the customers becoming impatient because of technical glitches present on your site. In case of such emergencies, you have to prefer a strong technical support team to solve the issue quickly. Thus the customer support is priceless for every webmaster. Both these host provides 24/7 support service for 365 days in a year.

You can make use of live chat, ticketing system, telephone and email of Hostgator to get an instant solution and timely replies. But you have to wait for a long time to get a response from the customer support team of Godaddy. So the customers of them become impatient. And it is clearly known that Hostgator is the right choice for more flexibility, less response time, and best support service.

Control Panel:

Both the Godaddy & Hostgator provides access to cPanel for Linux hosting. This excellent control panel is very user-friendly and you can start using it instantly. It also allows you to install a number of applications that are needed for your website. You can install just with a single click. This also allows you to manage databases, file transfer and much more. For more details regarding Hostgator services, you can visit its official website.

Money Back Guarantee:

Both the hosting companies offer a long period of money back guarantee which will be 45 days. So if you not like their services, you can get back your money within this time period.

Hosting Plan Features:

The plan of the Hostgator doesn’t provide a free domain for you but the Godaddy plans offer you a free domain. Hostgator provides windows hosting of minimum variety when compared to the Godaddy.

Pricing & Subscription:

The current cheapest price of the hosting plan of Hostgator is $3.95 for a month whereas the lowest price of the hosting plans of Godaddy is $3.99 for a month. Hostgator allows you to have a complete flexibility regarding its shared plans which is offered for minimum one month and for maximum three years.

From all the above comparison between the Hostgator and the Godaddy, you may get a conclusion that Hostgator is the perfect choice for hosting. Since it has three plans, you can choose your required one based on your need. Hope that this session will be very useful for you to select the right hosting company based on your needs as well as requirements.…

The Ultimate Guide To LED Grow Lights Technology

Nowadays, the Light Emitting Diodes or the simply put LEDs are acquiring the major portion of the lighting market sectors mainly because of their explicit or intrinsic features and advantages over the existing ones. Moreover, these LEDs are referred to as the grow lights technology mainly because of the true fact that it aids in a plants’ growth. The basic intention behind this is growing the plants indoors where there is an absolute absence of sunlight that is an unavoidable factor for the plant growth.

In those places which lack the spacious aspect, the indoor planting comes to benefit. You can better control the growth rate as well as tailor them according to the different existing plant varieties. Every plant requires a good quantity of heat, water, and nutrients, that are usually absorbed from the soil and also, they need light energy to focus on their food preparation.

The role of light in a plant’s life

It is a well-known fact that plants grow by the process of photosynthesis. This is the means by which a plant prepares their own food by converting the carbon dioxide absorbed from the atmosphere into an organic compound consisting of carbon, proteins, sugars and so on. By doing so they release oxygen into the atmosphere which is a crucial element of a human survival as well as for other living beings. All these consequent steps or processes described here only happens in the presence of light energy and hence is a vital element.

Advantages of using LED lights

The main pro behind employing an LED for indoor planting is that they are capable of emitting the correct wavelength of light that is required for the plants to nurture. Apart from this, they have the major plusses that make it stand apart from normal lighting schemes. This includes

  • They have a longer life when compared to others including incandescent or fluorescent bulbs of the same rate
  • They are heat efficient and hence provide a growing atmosphere
  • Being more durable and energy efficient in nature, they consume less power when compared to others.

These factors prove that the LED lighting technologies are really a good solution for your garden and you can establish it at a low expense.…

3 Ways iPhones are being used

Previously, phones were being used to just to talk to people and convey important messages. Later with the introduction of mobile phones, people started texting, keeping alarms, saving dates on calendars, listening to the radio, and probably keep listening to the predefined ringtones. However, when smartphones were launched, people have started solely depending on their mobile phones for everything right from calling, texting, e-mailing, keeping notes, listening to music, viewing videos, and a number of other functions. The list is so long and functionalities are being added every single day.

However, if you ask what are the 3 most common things that are done using your all-inclusive iPhone, then read on to find out.

  1. For e-mailing and Safar-ing – The most common use that people use their iPhone is one to check, compose, and reply to their emails almost instantaneously. Another parallel use is to browse the internet for information using iPhone’s most preferred search engine, which is none other than the Safari.
  2. For apps – Everything these days is on an app. One of the main purposes of having an iPhone or any other smartphone is to download and use apps. Be it WhatsApp, recipe books, search apps, home delivery apps, e-books, scanner, news, and a lot of other useful things, everything is available for download in the Apple App Store. Apps make lives a lot simpler. For example, you go camping without a torch and have no idea of where to go. There is no reason to panic. Your iPhone has the solution for this. All you need to do is download a good flashlight app and download the maps. Turn on your GPS, switch on your flashlight, and you ready to continue camping. Always, the brightest flashlights are the best, especially while camping.
  3. For talking rather than dialing or typing – Another great use with iPhones that people like about is that you can just command it do whatever you like and it is done. For example, say “call Meghan”, “wake me up at 6:00 am”, or “remind George about laundry” and all these tasks are taken care of by calling, setting an alarm, and sending a reminder.

Does YouTube Disrupt Media?

Traditional Media and YouTube

The disrupt media in this hypothesis is none other than Television, and there is a change in the game. YouTube does disrupt the flourishing business of television as it has made all the entertainment contents available worldwide at any point of time and also made them accessible in your pocket.  Previously television was the most used media, but now a whole lot of the population is shifting towards YouTube. Although some users still watch both TV and YouTube but where time is the primary factor, it certainly keeps away a significant number of users from television. The more the number of shifts; the more is the loss of the latter. The impact is more on the youth as this generation knows YouTube first and then television. They watch celebrities born on YouTube, and above all, they get all sort of entertainment news on YouTube.

Commercial advantage

In today’s highly competitive marketing era, the advertisers are shifting from the conventional approach to the latest highly attractive mediums. They are more interested in commercials shown as pre-roll before videos are played on YouTube. The fact is that as day by day YouTube view-count is growing with Anbieter für YouTube Views, the broadcasting media is suffering. In entertainment business the more you attract the audience; the advertising dollars get increased though the content owners do not feel the difference except the change of distribution pipeline. But yes the content owners are given options to monetize their production.

World’s Music Business on YouTube

Considering the ever growing music business, YouTube is the most popular resource where you can listen to the free music of your choice and options are countless and that also in your time. But at the same time, YouTube also encourages piracy. The biggest challenge that has been thrown to other traditional broadcasting media is that an artist can self-release a record and become the part of a large and loyal community easily. It is almost unthinkable in case of any other media.

The fact is that you can’t do anything as with the change of time this disruption is inevitable.…