Day: September 5, 2018

Top 10 Wedding Technology Trends Straight from the Future

Wedding day heart rate monitor?

Imagine that you could go back and see when you were able to walk down the aisle what your heart rate was? You actually can for around 100$ with a simple fitness watch, it’s really just a matter of how much you wanna spend (you can fork out a lot more for an Apple watch!). You can track and wear them the entire day to see when your heart rate went through the roof and started to see when you are getting married! Imagine being able to feed this to a live music AI to complete a great soundtrack to the beat of your heart!

Wedding drones?

Wedding drones are now being used with a large number of videographers to capture never-possible shots from aerial angles, it doesn’t matter whether you are at a mountainous resort or your local church, if you wish to get a great image of your wedding location simply ask for a drone photography service that you desire (check out pixelicious for more information on this subject. If you want to get a good view of that mountainous range nearby it’s also a great option

Livestream your wedding

Some people are now using cameras and livestreaming devices to record the entirety of the wedding and put it live on camera so that people can view the wedding in abstention such as friends and family from abroad. It seems a bit stupid to go through the trouble but a lot of people end up missing extremely important things in their children or friends lives due to the lack of time and it’s always useful to get them involved without them being there. It’s not difficult either, simply set up a Twitch account on and invite your friends using a link and watch as the viewers flood in!…