Month: October 2018

The Best Strategies Find Coupons Online That You’ll Actually Use

You know how these geeks work right?

They have an explanation for everything. So this cousin of mine who believes in extreme bargaining and does not like to give one dollar extra even if it means haggling with the shop owner for half hour comes to your rescue with tips and tricks to save your bucks a big time, you know you better listen up. He is the self-confessed black belter in saving money and coupon clipping.

Here are a few nuggets of knowledge from his vast ocean of knowledge on how to find coupons online that can be used big time:

Chuck the paper coupons, get digital!

When I started out, I found this to be more difficult than clipping coupons from the paper but one week into it, I realized that it is a coupon clipper’s dream. Now there were no more messy wallets and cutting job to be done once in a while also. I only had to log onto the website and collect the coupons. Encashment is a breeze too!

The safest bet is to get on to the manufacturer’s website:

First thing first is to make a list of all the things that you often buy and love. Step two is to log on to the manufacturer’s site and download the coupons on offer. Some of the magnanimous ones will offer coupons for those who sign up for their periodic newsletters also!

Create an email account exclusively to get offers and coupons in your inbox:

You don’t want to miss important promotions and offers that you can combine with exciting coupons that you have been digitally stacking painstakingly? Create a new account so that your primary account does not get too full and overflowing with offers that you overlook the important ones.

Have you tried the Coupon companies yet?

If couponing stresses you out, don’t worry really. Get on to this super fantabulous website called the CouponoBox and clip away digitally. You can all the best coupons all at one place and zero stress; Howzat?

How to Use Technology to Enhance Your Wellbeing

In this technology advancing pace, we find ourselves all time engaged with digital gadgets like smartphones and laptops. In fact, there would be less time for us to relax or even talk with our family members. Sometimes, we really wish to go on a digital diet or may blame the technology for wasting our time. However, as the life quotes go, ‘it is not the tech that takes over our lives but it is only the matter of how we actually use it.’

Below is a list of tips and tricks that you can employ to turn tech into an effective tool and thereby, enjoy a healthy and happy life.

  • Grow with the internet. You can go through the different informative and positive articles as well as interesting blog posts. This can benefit you. For example, you can try out the various tasty recipes that can later add to your compliment.

Further, while being active on the social media sites, you get to meet great people and thus, expand your network.

  • Able to know self. The modern technology has offered amazing self-tracking devices that optimizes one’s health goals. By using this, you can track your fitness and nutrition level and thus, motivates you to stay healthful. For example, fat and sugar sending smart devices are already out in the market.

Further, if you are planning to do physical exercises to maintain your fit body, then plug on the music which has proven benefits like reduced physical discomfort and thus, pushing you to work harder.

  • Have a tight Sleep. Many people often complain that they take too long to sleep after working on the laptop. This is because the screen light can suppress the production of melatonin which is the sleep-regulating hormone. However, great apps and software solutions are readily available for this, that can automatically dim your display at night and make you to comfortably take rest.

Five Ways You’re Using Fintech Without Even Realizing

Financial technology is witnessing a great revolutionary development altogether. However, it is being left unnoticed. There are plenty of schemes getting developed every day. We get aware of them and start using it. It has made life easier in many ways. Let us discuss some of these ways in a little detail.

We have started using the mobile wallets on a large scale. It has increased the comfort of transacting. We can sit at home and pay all our bills almost instantly. This requires no much energy. We keep using it over all platforms but may not have paid much attention to how it works and how efficiently it has eased the situation.

There were times when we used to spend a lot of time and energy moving around banks to transfer cash for a specific need. Now, even that has been made very convenient in the form of online transfer.

When it comes to investment, we get to invest in the options that we would like to go ahead on. We can learn about the different options available and choose the best that suits our need. This can be done instantly from home after conducting a good research.

We have different applications that can be used to track our expenses and also do it in a secure manner. You can bring your video identity verification to the future. This will let us manage our financial matters and also plan our strategies to secure it. This is almost invisible but a true establishment indeed.

You also have secure means to safeguard all your belongings with sophisticated software mechanisms. This is very much essential when we go completely online. We will have thousands of hackers around and it is our responsibility to safeguard it best.

7 Ways to Save Money With Technology

Technology offers plenty of things among which the convenience is one main factor. There are many ways in which you can use tech to save money in the usual monthly expenses.

Online shopping can help you save every time

Be it shopping for groceries or to find ysl cheap bags when you do the shopping online you save the time and the money spent on commuting to the store.

Reduce the use of papers

Most of the communication today happens through emails. You can also cut down the cost of sending documents by post and also the money spent on buying papers with the help of saving electronic copies of the important documents or sending emails.

Cut down the phone bills

Voice calls can now be made through many of the popular messaging platforms. These require a reliable data connection. When you have a high-speed home internet connection set up you can save a lot of money spent on the phone bills.

Free video calls and messaging

Video calls do not have to cost you anything as there are numerous free video calling apps available in the market today. These can all be used for personal as well as business communications. So you can conveniently connect with anyone in any corner of the world without having to spend too much.

Cloud data storage is cheaper than physical storage devices

Cloud storage can be purchased for a cheaper cost than a physical storage device with the same storage space.

Online streaming – cheaper than purchasing content

Online movie and media streaming services today work on the basis of subscription costs. The costs here are lower than the money spent on purchasing individual songs or movies.

Smart devices that can cut down the energy bills

Smart home appliances can cut down the energy bills and can also be monitored remotely.…

10 Amazing Inventions from Ancient Times

It is not surprising if we find the ancient ways of how the life was lead by humans with simple tools, yet an effective and time-tested ways of amazing technology, not in the true sense but definitely ahead of their times. As archeologist dig up discoveries that will take us aback by how forward thinking was the way of life, as new excavations unfold the untold mysteries of the bygone era, let us see some amazing inventions

  • at calendar system, that probably was used as calendar system, was excavated in Scotland, in 2004 that could be more than 10000 years old, with 12 pits, for the months, and the arc type design that measured the lunar month was highly complex and amazing discovery
  • a Nimrud lens more than 3000 years old was used to ignite a fire, trapping the sun rays and reflecting it back, like a magnifying glass or could be a telescope to study the star movement
  • Roman concrete that is found under the Mediterranean is 2000 years old, the volcanic rock was used along with limestone that made it impossible to break or dissolve in water after so many years is amazing
  • the metal coating used on statues and thin films preserved the sheen and the mercury-based process retained the best effects to give a completely great look thousands of years ago
  • zero discovered initially in the Asian subcontinent was used to measure and design the number system, that is highly used in the complex mathematical calculation
  • eye makeup was not a thing of past, but in fact history, the dark lines of the Kohl made of soot and other minerals used to draw a fine thin line on the eyes were used for healing properties and ward off evil eyes
  • The health fitness. marathon, that the Greek soldier ran down to come and give the message of victory in the war, is still a sports form in the Olympics
  • the paper that has been before 3000 BC was made of plant reed and bee wax, gum and papyrus trees have been a major source of news, information and circular saw reviews are evident
  • the sinful chocolate from the cocoa beans nearly was more than 3000 years that have been relished by the world
  • Greece Democracy has influenced the work politics and the government to establish the concept.


Top 10 Ways to Use Technology to Better Your Business

Today, we have the best technologies to make it better! But the problem is of excess. Like everything excess, there is always a dilemma as to which tool will be the most appropriate to use. Of course, we are here to help you find the right tool for your needs. Here is a list of recommendations that our experts give to organizations across the sizes as to which is the right and the best tool for them to use to enhance their businesses further.

Use the microblogging sites to your businesses’ advantage:

It is a well-known fact that microblogging sites like Instagram and Twitter can help your businesses grow exponentially. But what is new is that your organization can target specific clients by doing a thorough analysis of the customers that reach other similar brands like you. Don’t think of this as stealing them or their intellectual property but rather as a result of research that your team does in order to find out what the market is all about in the present times.

Sourcing out work to the best SEO Company:

If you haven’t tried this, then you must by now. Employing content managing companies that specialize in SEO and creating custom content for your own website and also material for the different social media handles is one of the most winning mantras of today. It helps you get more footfalls to the website as much as traffic on your instar, Facebook and Twitter pages. So what exactly are you waiting for?

Video marketing does wonder:

Even if you are not into expensive campaigns and advertising, consider making short videos that can be uploaded on to your organizations’ pages. You will see that kind of attention it is able to capture within no time. Try it out once to become a fan!

How Technology is Changing Customer Experience

2018 is widely mooted to be the year of seamless customer experience!

Wherever you are placed in an organization, it is important for you to know one thing and that is the customer will always call the shot!

Using technology to raise the bar of CX or Customer Experiences is one thing that corporates are engaging their staff in. and luckily, they are all employing a lot of technological aids and tools to make sure that they succeed. And the good news is that they are!

In a recent survey, it was discovered that more than 97 percent of the customers who were surveyed felt that customer experience was lacking even when they felt that they were belting out premium sums of money for the product.

Customers have many options today and if they choose a particular brand then it is because they expect the brand to deliver to them not just in terms of quality of the product or service but also in terms of quality after sales service. So, there is so much that more in building a healthy clientele even after the product has been sold!

Recently, a seminar on the challenges that technology helps us meet opened my eyes to a brilliant system for managing visitors in organizations.

The visitor management systems are a great tool for managing every kind of visitor to the organization. It is understood that the visitors can be the prospective clients or his representative or could also be someone who is a nuisance to the organization or someone who is entering the premises with an ulterior motive. A well-designed visitor’s management system can help make sure that only the people who are beneficial to the organization and those whose presence is wanted inlet into the precincts.

Making of gate passes et al is so old-fashioned now. It is so much easier to manage your organizational needs with the latest in the markets now!…