5 Things You Should Know About Personal Loans

There is hardly anyone who is not aware of the basic information related to the lending and borrowing business. We specifically take an auto loan when we wish to purchase a vehicle, a student loan when we want to fund our own or our child’s education and a home loan to buy properties. Apart from these, we can very well see a different type of loan that is becoming quite common in the market today. This is known as a personal loan.

The main features of this kind of loan are that it is a short-term one, generally ranges between a time span of one to seven years, and has interest rate depends on how much the borrower earns and how is his or her credit score. A perfect combination of this is calculated by the specialists working in financial institutions offering personal loan and the interest rate is shared with the borrower. So, if you are someone who is looking out to get reliable personal loans, then you can approach your bank, credit unions as well as some of the leaning online moneylenders.

In comparison to other loans, personal loans are quite easy as there is no involvement of securities or sponsor in the approval process. Since there are less paperwork and documentation required in this process, it involves less stress and time. However, it definitely costs a bit expensive as compared to other loans such as the loans taken to buy home or car.

Things to know about personal loan

Whenever someone is facing any kind of financial crunch and is surrounded by an important expenditure, then a personal loan is the main go-to alternative. No matter you are a trap in any sort of emergency or not, you would certainly bound into a financial commitment if you avail personal loan from a financial institution or an individual lender.

So, before you decide to take the plunge and go ahead with deciding on taking a personal loan, here are few things that you must know about this type of loan. It will help you in taking the accurate decision at the best time.

How they work: Personal loans, as the name suggests, are taken to fulfill personal financial requirements and are paid back in the form of monthly installments in a given period of time. This implies that after you borrow the money, you keep returning it monthly in parts along with the interest rate that you have to pay. After the completion of the loan and paying of interest rate, the financial institution that gave you the loan closes your account. For any reason, if you would be needing more money, then you will have to apply for a fresh loan. This loan might have different interest rates depending on the market and your earnings.

Kinds of personal loans: There are mainly two kinds of loans in this category-

Unsecured loans: There is no backing for this kind of loan and the financial institution you have approached for loan decides whether they should lend money to you or not. Their decision depends on your current earning and credit history. In case you are looking for less interest rate, then the lenders might serve you with secured options.

Secured loans:There is backing offered by collateral like your savings account. In case you do not pay the installment in time, the provider has all the rights on your asset and claims it against your loan installment.

Where to get personal loans: When you think of taking a loan, approaching a bank would be the first thing coming to your mind. However, apart from banks, you can actually acquire these loans from other lenders as well. Institutions like credit unions, client finance firms, lenders available on the Internet and peer-to-peer creditors can also help you in taking reliable and pocket-friendly personal loans.

Effect of a credit score: Remember that your credit history would play a very essential role in deciding whether you would be granted personal loan by a lender or not. Checking of the credit score would be an important section of the approval process and any discrepancies seen in this context would adversely affect the chances of getting a loan.

Interest rates: It is essential for you to be aware that the interest rate involved in personal loans differs from one bank or lender to another. It is generally said to be ranging between 4% and 15% per annum. It is your responsibility to carefully examine which lender would offer you the most suitable deal in terms of interest rate.

If you want to know options available for different types of loans and how they can help you, visit and get started with the process of getting your next loan approved with confidence.