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What's Running 3.0 BETA 9 2010-04-20
This is a BETA of WR 3.0 - please provide feedback
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New in 3.0 BETA 9 2010-04-20:
  • Better error handling of WMI issues
  • Stack traces for exceptions
New in 3.0 BETA 8 2010-01-24:
  • Fix embarrasing RED background on XP SP3 - actual bug was a WMI bug on XP
  • Fix double click on startup headers returning list index out of bounds
  • Fix vertical splitter showing real time update
New in 3.0 BETA 7 2010-01-21:
  • Additional UI Tweaks
  • Fixed Not able to expand to main window from system tray
  • Fixed Process treeview not working
  • Additional WMI conversion
  • Fixed Statusbar went missing
  • Performance optimization - uses less CPU
New in 3.0 BETA 6 2010-01-13:
  • UI Overhaul
  • Fixed admin privileges required for launching app from installer
  • Additional WMI conversion
New in 3.0 BETA 5 2009-12-19:
  • Fixed additional access violation on XP SP3
  • Fixed Unicode bug causing chinese characters in startup tab
  • Fixed list index out of bounds when clicking a column to sort
  • Fixed file resolution errors (more to fix though)
  • Additional WMI conversion
  • Fixed auto resizing of value column
New in 3.0 BETA 4 2009-12-07:
  • Fixed bug preventing WR 3.0 to work on Windows XP SP3
  • Added private bytes as a memory metric
  • Resolve file exception at startup fixed
  • Clicking on a process now immediately resolves the file version
  • Resolve file version before online check
  • Changed scale for IO bytes to Kb/s
New in 3.0 BETA 3 2009-11-25:
  • Started conversion to WMI
  • Check for updates functionality
New in 3.0 BETA 2 2009-11-16:
  • Made sure website works with new version
  • Enabled graphs for int and int64 counters
  • New view for processes including cpu, memory and io graphs
New in 3.0 BETA 1 2009-11-09:
  • Supports Vista and Windows 7
  • Supports 64-bit processes
  • MD5 and SHA1 hashes
  • Graphs
  • Various bug fixes
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