List of processes starting with Y

Y.PIFUnknown Y.PIF ProductUnknown Y.PIF Company
y003Pl43.exeUnknown y003Pl43.exe ProductUnknown y003Pl43.exe Company
YA4CD4.EXEUnknown YA4CD4.EXE ProductUnknown YA4CD4.EXE Company
YahELite.exeEnglish - United StatesYahELiteDavid J. Binette
yahoo_blast.exe1.00English - United StatesyahhoHome
YahooAUService.exe1.0.0.53English - United StatesYahoo! AutoUpdaterYahoo! Inc.
YahooCentral.exe1, 0, 0, 0English - United StatesYahoo! CentralYahoo! Inc.
YahooDesktopSearch.exe1852jeEnglish - United StatesUnknown YahooDesktopSearch.exe ProductUnknown YahooDesktopSearch.exe Company
YAHOOM~1.EXE8,0,0,508English - United StatesYahoo! MessengerYahoo! Inc.
YahooMessenger.8,0,0,506English - United StatesYahoo! MessengerYahoo! Inc.
YahooMessenger.exe7,5,0,811English - United StatesYahoo! MessengerYahoo! Inc.
YahooMessenger900797portable.exe9,0,0,797English - United StatesYahoo! MessengerYahoo! Inc.
YahooMusicEngine.exe2.0.0.131 (Build 131)English - United StatesYahoo! Music JukeboxYahoo!
YahooWidgetEngi3.1.4English - United StatesYahoo! Widget EngineYahoo! Inc.
YahooWidgetEngine.exeUnknown YahooWidgetEngine.exe ProductUnknown YahooWidgetEngine.exe Company
YahooWidgetEngine.exe4.0.1English - United StatesYahoo! WidgetsYahoo! Inc.
YahooWidgetEngine.exe3.0.2English - United StatesYahoo! Widget EngineYahoo! Inc.
YahooWidgets.exe4.5.1English - United StatesYahoo! WidgetsYahoo! Inc.
YahVox Domination v3.0.exe3.00.0000English - United StatesYahvox Domination__Princess__ Inc.
yalk1.exeUnknown yalk1.exe ProductUnknown yalk1.exe Company
yandesk.exe2, 0, 1, 613RussianYandex Desktop SearchOOO Yandex
YANKCLIP.exe1.91English - United StatesYankee Clipper PlusLeVasseur.Net
YankClip.exe1.04.3English - United StatesYankee Clipper
yapconf.exeUnknown yapconf.exe ProductUnknown yapconf.exe Company
Yassak.exe1.00English - United StatesYassak Ýçerik Filtreleme ProgramýYassak!!
Yassak.exe1, 0, 0, 1English - United StatesYassak ModuleUnknown Yassak.exe Company
YassakC.exe10.00.0018English - United StatesYassak Terminal ProgramýÖzne Yazýlým
yassistse.exe1, 0, 1, 1001Chinese - People's Republic of ChinaYahoo! AssistSettingYahoo!
YBA6A2.EXE8.0English - United StatesTrend Micro OfficeScanTrend Micro Inc.
ybrowser.exe3, 0, 2, 0English - United StatesYahoo! BrowserYahoo!, Inc.
ybrwicon.exe1, 0, 0, 1English - United StatesYahoo!, Inc. YBrwIconYahoo!, Inc.
ybrwicon.exe1, 0, 0, 1English - United StatesYahoo! Inc. YBrwIconYahoo! Inc.
YC474F.EXEUnknown YC474F.EXE ProductUnknown YC474F.EXE Company
ycilui.exe0, 0, 7, 0English - United StatesUnknown ycilui.exe ProductUnknown ycilui.exe Company
YCMMirage.exe1.00.1223English - United StatesYCMMirag ApplicationCyberlink
ycommon.exe3, 0, 0, 0English - United StatesYCommon Exe ModuleYahoo!, Inc.
yct.exeUnknown yct.exe ProductUnknown yct.exe Company
YD1FE.EXEUnknown YD1FE.EXE ProductUnknown YD1FE.EXE Company
YD74D2.EXEUnknown YD74D2.EXE ProductUnknown YD74D2.EXE Company
YDCB8D.EXEUnknown YDCB8D.EXE ProductUnknown YDCB8D.EXE Company
YDownloader.exe1, 2, 0, 7English - United StatesUnknown YDownloader.exe Product±±¾©ÈýÆ߶þÒ»¿Æ¼¼ÓÐÏÞ¹«Ë¾
YDRO.exeUnknown YDRO.exe ProductUnknown YDRO.exe Company
YDSsystray.exe1.0.0.0English - United StatesUnknown YDSsystray.exe ProductUnknown YDSsystray.exe Company
YEC4F8.EXE8.0English - United StatesTrend Micro OfficeScanTrend Micro Inc.
yecprsnsdm.exeUnknown yecprsnsdm.exe ProductUnknown yecprsnsdm.exe Company
YEDIEx.exeUnknown YEDIEx.exe ProductUnknown YEDIEx.exe Company
yeeyose.exeUnknown yeeyose.exe ProductUnknown yeeyose.exe Company
yeppinstall_USB20020910.exeEnglish - United StatesUnknown yeppinstall_USB20020910.exe ProductUnknown yeppinstall_USB20020910.exe Company
YesMessenger.exe1, 0, 0, 1French - FranceYes! MessengerUnknown YesMessenger.exe Company
yewimmxqbs32.exeUnknown yewimmxqbs32.exe ProductUnknown yewimmxqbs32.exe Company
YFE82B.EXEUnknown YFE82B.EXE ProductUnknown YFE82B.EXE Company
YFF75.EXEUnknown YFF75.EXE ProductUnknown YFF75.EXE Company
yfijv17721328.exeUnknown yfijv17721328.exe ProductUnknown yfijv17721328.exe Company
yfwcm.exe1.0.1English - United StatesyfwcmYamaha Corporation
ygb.exeUnknown ygb.exe ProductUnknown ygb.exe Company
YH8FA4.EXEUnknown YH8FA4.EXE ProductUnknown YH8FA4.EXE Company
YH94A0.EXEUnknown YH94A0.EXE ProductUnknown YH94A0.EXE Company
yhcfjii.exeUnknown yhcfjii.exe ProductUnknown yhcfjii.exe Company
YIMArchiveGDS.exe1.3.2151.18960Language NeutralUnknown YIMArchiveGDS.exe ProductUnknown YIMArchiveGDS.exe Company
yimoqya.exeUnknown yimoqya.exe ProductUnknown yimoqya.exe Company
ying.exeUnknown ying.exe ProductUnknown ying.exe Company
yiwau.exeUnknown yiwau.exe ProductUnknown yiwau.exe Company
yjputrqd.exe1, 0, 0, 1Language Neutral DDCUnknown yjputrqd.exe Company
yjvopjhtssd.exe2.4.4587.1000English - United StatesKernel VeryfiereSXi
ykkjzmad.exeUnknown ykkjzmad.exe ProductUnknown ykkjzmad.exe Company
ykvqoepy.exe1, 0, 0, 1Language Neutral DDCUnknown ykvqoepy.exe Company
ylive.exe1, 0, 0, 1001Chinese - People's Republic of China YLiveUnknown ylive.exe Company
ylpbcgys.exe1, 0, 0, 1Language Neutral DDCUnknown ylpbcgys.exe Company
ylv4ew50qzutqrd.exeEnglish - United KingdomUnknown ylv4ew50qzutqrd.exe ProductUnknown ylv4ew50qzutqrd.exe Company
YMailAdvisor.exe1.0.0.2English - United StatesYahoo! MailYahoo! Inc.
ymetray.exeUnknown ymetray.exe ProductUnknown ymetray.exe Company
ymetray.exe2.1.0.174 (Build 174)English - United StatesYahoo! Music JukeboxYahoo! Inc.
YMini.exe2, 0, 9, 1Korean¾ßÈÄ! ¹Ì´Ï ÇÁ·Î±×·¥Yahoo! Korea Corp.
ymlite.exe1.0.0.0English - United StatesY!mLite Chat CLientDaynaCommunications
YMSGR_~1.EXEEnglish - United StatesUnknown YMSGR_~1.EXE ProductYahoo! Inc.
YMSGR_~1.EXE8,1,0,0English - United StatesYahoo! MessengerYahoo! Inc.
ymsgr_suite_setup.exeEnglish - United StatesUnknown ymsgr_suite_setup.exe ProductYahoo! Inc.
Ymsgr_tray.exe8,1,0,0English - United StatesYahoo! MessengerYahoo! Inc.
ymsgr_tray.exeYahoo Instant Messenger Yahoo, Inc.
YMSGR7~1.EXEEnglish - United StatesUnknown YMSGR7~1.EXE ProductYahoo! Inc.
ymsgupdaterserver.exeUnknown ymsgupdaterserver.exe ProductUnknown ymsgupdaterserver.exe Company
YMworm.exeEnglish - United KingdomUnknown YMworm.exe ProductUnknown YMworm.exe Company
ymxbby.exe0, 0, 7, 0English - United StatesUnknown ymxbby.exe ProductUnknown ymxbby.exe Company
YNC4B5.EXEUnknown YNC4B5.EXE ProductUnknown YNC4B5.EXE Company
ynnvu.exeUnknown ynnvu.exe ProductUnknown ynnvu.exe Company
ynoloxib.exeUnknown ynoloxib.exe ProductUnknown ynoloxib.exe Company
ynPo.exeUnknown ynPo.exe ProductUnknown ynPo.exe Company
YO21A8.EXE8.0English - United StatesTrend Micro OfficeScanTrend Micro Inc.
Yodm3D.exe1.3.2.0French - FranceYod'm 3DChristian Salmon
YoggieGatekeeper.exe1, 0, 3, 0English - United StatesUnknown YoggieGatekeeper.exe ProductYoggie Security Systems Ltd.
YoggieGatekeeper.exe5, 2, 0, 0English - United StatesUnknown YoggieGatekeeper.exe ProductYoggie Security Systems Ltd.
YoggieGui.exe5, 0, 9, 0English - United StatesYoggie Personal Security ApplianceYoggie Security Systems Ltd.
yoioaqk.exe6, 5, 2, 3English - United Statesnonemptysírvanse
yom33.exeUnknown yom33.exe ProductUnknown yom33.exe Company
YontooDesktop.exe1.0.4884.27585Language NeutralYontoo DesktopYontoo LLC
yop.exe1, 0, 0, 409English - United StatesDashboard ModuleYahoo, Inc.
YourFileUpdater.exe1.0.0.1RussianYourFile Downloader
yourscreen_2_bnd.exeEnglish - United StatesUnknown yourscreen_2_bnd.exe ProductFreeze, LLC
YouSubscribeEngine.exe0, 8, 0, 0English - United StatesYou Subscribe: RSSYou Software, Inc.
YoutubeDownloader_Setup.exe1, 0, 0, 1English - United StatesOnline InstallerUnknown YoutubeDownloader_Setup.exe Company
YouTubeRip.exe1.01English - United StatesYouTube Movie RipperWebMedia Spider Software
YP6773.EXEUnknown YP6773.EXE ProductUnknown YP6773.EXE Company
ypager.exe1.00English - United StatesUnknown ypager.exe ProductUnknown ypager.exe Company
YPager.exe7,0,0,437English - United StatesYahoo! MessengerYahoo, Inc.
YPager.exe7,0,2,120English - United StatesMagic! MessengerMagic! Inc.
YPCSER~1.EXE3, 0, 0, 409English - United StatesYPCService ModuleYahoo! Inc.
ypdghqcy.exe1, 0, 0, 1Language Neutral DDCUnknown ypdghqcy.exe Company
YPfdbKQmYWnOqAL.exe5, 2, 4, 1English - United StatesPD C0sEditUnknown YPfdbKQmYWnOqAL.exe Company
ypops.exe0.9.5.1English - United StatesYPOPs!
ypops.exeUnknown ypops.exe ProductUnknown ypops.exe Company
ypops.exe0.7.6English - United StatesYPOPs!
ypp.exeUnknown ypp.exe ProductUnknown ypp.exe Company
ypswqj.exeUnknown ypswqj.exe ProductUnknown ypswqj.exe Company
YQ56E6.EXE8.0English - United StatesTrend Micro OfficeScanTrend Micro Inc.
YQ93E0.EXEUnknown YQ93E0.EXE ProductUnknown YQ93E0.EXE Company
yqtdid.exeUnknown yqtdid.exe ProductUnknown yqtdid.exe Company
yqv7.tmpUnknown yqv7.tmp ProductUnknown yqv7.tmp Company
YR61A2.EXEUnknown YR61A2.EXE ProductUnknown YR61A2.EXE Company
yRaldE.exeUnknown yRaldE.exe ProductUnknown yRaldE.exe Company
ys.exe0, 0, 0, 0English - United States04Unknown ys.exe Company
ysg.exeUnknown ysg.exe ProductUnknown ysg.exe Company
YSIGet.exe0.99cEnglish - United StatesYSIGetUnknown YSIGet.exe Company
YT16C4.EXEUnknown YT16C4.EXE ProductUnknown YT16C4.EXE Company
ytb3.exeEnglish - United StatesUnknown ytb3.exe ProductYahoo! Inc.
ytbb.exe7, 2, 2, 0English - United StatesYahoo! Toolbar AssistantYahoo! Inc.
ytbikec.exeUnknown ytbikec.exe ProductUnknown ytbikec.exe Company
YTBSDK.exeUnknown YTBSDK.exe ProductUnknown YTBSDK.exe Company
YTBSDK.exe2006.0English - United StatesNorton Internet Security - Status HelperSymantec Corporation
ytdubwll.exeUnknown ytdubwll.exe ProductUnknown ytdubwll.exe Company
YTED61.EXEUnknown YTED61.EXE ProductUnknown YTED61.EXE Company
ytefr.exeUnknown ytefr.exe ProductUnknown ytefr.exe Company
YTLUpdater.exe1, 0, 0, 1English - United StatesUpdater ModuleUnknown YTLUpdater.exe Company
ytwingqa.exe8.10 sp4 Build 32144English - United StatesYosemite BackupYosemite Technologies, Inc.
yum.exeUnknown yum.exe ProductUnknown yum.exe Company
yum.exe3, 0, 3, 0English - United StatesYahoo! UpdateYahoo! Inc.
yupdate.exe0, 9, 2, 246RussianYandex Software Update CheckerÎÎÎ "ßÍÄÅÊÑ"
yupdater.exe3,1,0,116English - United StatesYahoo! MessengerYahoo! Inc.
yupdater.exeUnknown yupdater.exe ProductUnknown yupdater.exe Company
YUR11CD.exeUnknown YUR11CD.exe ProductUnknown YUR11CD.exe Company
yuuguu.exeUnknown yuuguu.exe ProductUnknown yuuguu.exe Company
yvcmiucb.exeUnknown yvcmiucb.exe ProductUnknown yvcmiucb.exe Company
yvmks.exeUnknown yvmks.exe ProductUnknown yvmks.exe Company
yvvpgtuy.exeUnknown yvvpgtuy.exe ProductUnknown yvvpgtuy.exe Company
YW5A53.EXEUnknown YW5A53.EXE ProductUnknown YW5A53.EXE Company
YW813.EXEUnknown YW813.EXE ProductUnknown YW813.EXE Company
ywkwq.exeUnknown ywkwq.exe ProductUnknown ywkwq.exe Company
yxh.exeUnknown yxh.exe ProductUnknown yxh.exe Company
yxmhalgp.exeUnknown yxmhalgp.exe ProductUnknown yxmhalgp.exe Company
yyqcijwn.exeUnknown yyqcijwn.exe ProductUnknown yyqcijwn.exe Company
yywgitjb.exe1, 0, 0, 1Language Neutral DDCUnknown yywgitjb.exe Company
yyy10203.exeUnknown yyy10203.exe ProductUnknown yyy10203.exe Company
yyy17145.exeUnknown yyy17145.exe ProductUnknown yyy17145.exe Company
yyy17680.exeUnknown yyy17680.exe ProductUnknown yyy17680.exe Company
yyy17685.exeUnknown yyy17685.exe ProductUnknown yyy17685.exe Company
yyy9497.exeUnknown yyy9497.exe ProductUnknown yyy9497.exe Company
yyy9525.exeUnknown yyy9525.exe ProductUnknown yyy9525.exe Company
YzDock.exe0, 7, 0, 2Y'z DockY'z@Home
YzShadow.exe1, 9, 0, 0Y'z ShadowY'z@Home
YzToolBar.exe1, 3, 0, 0JapaneseY'z ToolBarY'z@Home
YzToolBar.exeUnknown YzToolBar.exe ProductUnknown YzToolBar.exe Company

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