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What is the system process (PID 0)?

The system process 0 is a place holder for the system idle thread. More information about the scheduling process and the idle thread can be found in this sample chapter of Inside Microsoft Windows 2000


Where can I find more information about the different TCP-states?

More about the different TCP states can be found in the official TCP RFC: 793

Why do I see TCP-connections in TIME_WAIT state?

The TIME_WAIT state is a state that all closed connections enter into. They aren't shown as associated with a specific process - however during the time the socket is in TIME_WAIT the specific port can't be reused. The TIME_WAIT is 240 seconds normally.

To adjust the TIME_WAIT have a look at the instructions and explanations in this Windows Magazine article.

More about the different TCP states can be found here: RFC 793


Is What's Running free?

Yes it is free for any use - please read the EULA.

WMI - Windows Management Instrumentation

What's Running 3.0 uses a Windows technology called Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) that has been around for more than 10 years for Windows operating systems.

In rare cases, the WMI subsystem, or parts of it components can become corrupt in certain Windows installations. The most common WMI problem is that certain classes (WMI classes) can't be instantiated, resulting for example in an WBEM_E_INVALID_CLASS:Win32_PerfFormattedData_PerfProc_Process exception. This problem affects all applications using WMI, not only What's Running.

Diagnosing WMI problems

Fortunately, Microsoft has put together a Diagnostic utility which helps in pinpointing the problem. In order to understand what is wrong, run Microsofts WMI diagnostic utility. This tool will output a report, scan the report for the string "error" and you will find the errors your installation has.

Fixing WMI problems

There are a few descriptions on the web about how to diagnose and fix WMI problems. Please note that WhatsRunning.net can NOT guarantee the results of trying to fix the WMI problems with the approaches described below. Technet Blogs - WMI Troubleshooting tips I would be happy to hear from users who have successfully fixed WMI problems and create a troubleshooting guide here on WhatsRunning.net.

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