Easy Ways to Increase Viewer Engagement on YouTube

The video definitely engages the customer on the website:

The first proof that I had those videos were more engaging than text and photographs even was when I was only entering the field of online trading. I realized that I was drawn to online trading software that had video explanations on them. I also realized later that most of them were fake and that they were designed to dupe people but it was a life lesson that still stays with me and that is if you want your customers to interact with you and to know you better and that you are looking for more footfalls on your website then a video and a YouTube link is what you must definitely be looking at.

The first time I wanted to set up a website on a testing basis, I called on the web design agency Glasgow to do a three minute video on the services that we offered on our website.

I am still recovering from the response!

The test was so successful that it took us three working days to reply to every visitor who had visited our website and even watched the video. We have strong evidence to say that most of the consumers have watched the video for more than two or three times.  It is not a moot point at all then whether videos make a positive impact. They most definitely do!

Here are the top five ways to engage your viewers:

  1. Post content on your website which is consistent with your video. Any contradiction can only break the viewer’s trust;
  2. Keep the points clear and the video simple;
  3. Empathise with your audience. Do not burden them with too many things to remember;
  4. Humor is an essential ingredient. It helps in sustaining the viewer’s interest in the video. No one wants to watch a dull, boring and serious video for too long or even for the second time and
  5. Always end the video with a small recap for the benefit of an audience that has fast-forwarded or skipped parts of the video. This will summarise the contents of the video for them.