The Emerging Technologies That Will Transform Experiences

Technology has revolutionized the way we interact with the world. Many disruptions might seem like inventions right out of sci fi books, things we could not think about until a few decades back. Simple animations to complete virtualizations that can be found at where you can experience the feeling of being on a yacht before buying it. Technology will continue to be creative and interactive, which will increase productivity in the manufacturing industry and completely transform how customers experience services offered by different businesses.


With the arrival of mobiles and computers we have spent decades typing out searches and commands, which is not shifting completely towards voice. This has brought in rapid change in voice recognition technology. From amazon’s Alexa to google assistant, banking interfaces, home entertainment systems and even cars are nowadays equipped with voice recognition, making up 20% of the searches and it only continues to grow smarter.

Machine learning.

Consider how we used to work with Microsoft paint on pictures, to the invention of photoshop. Machine learning has enabled the Adobe photoshop software from simple image editing to recognize faces, to recognizing landmarks such as lips, eyebrows and eyes to learn the positions and facial expressions. Companies are tapping into the unlimited potential of machine learning to accelerate manual processes and analyze vast amount of data.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality offers a substantial potential in emphasizing customer experience. Travel websites are tapping into this space for providing their customers unique experience in visualizing travel destinations, all the while engaging with the brand and making a purchase. Interior decorator companies offer platforms where customers can design their own space virtually to recreate the same look in their own home space. Virtual reality engages the user with audio visual sensation, enriching user experience.