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The Latest Sewing Machine Technology in 2018

Whether you are the owner of a tailoring company or a stay at home mom looking for a good sewing machine, you should not compromise on the latest tech that is taking the world of tailoring by the storm. We have come a long way from the push pedaling machines, here are some of the latest sewing machine technology in 2018 you should know about.

The best sewing machines in the market combine many excellent features. They are more user-friendly and has many safety features as well as portability.

  • Automatic button holder: This feature is built to have you automatically insert a button into the slot. The machine itself sews a buttonhole in it, eliminating the need for you to do it.
  • The automatic power button: Gone are the days when push pedaling was the way to work a sewing machine. All good washing machines now come equipped with the power button for easy work.
  • The feed-dog mechanism: For sewing patterns and designs, the feed dog adjustment allows you to have a hassle-free experience. It works by holding on the design pattern so you don’t have to stress keeping in the line. It also provides accurate and straight cutting for creating amazing embroidery patterns. People who have large batches of embroidery can make use of this feature to reduce the effort and time spent on the dependability and accuracy of the design. The embroidery from some of the best machines is flawless.
  • Automatic end of stitch feature: All the best sewing machines are equipped to lift the needle and pressure foot at the end of the seam and tie off the thread. When you bring the machine to a start for your next stitch it resets again. This can be customized for your convenience.