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The Best Strategies Find Coupons Online That You’ll Actually Use

You know how these geeks work right?

They have an explanation for everything. So this cousin of mine who believes in extreme bargaining and does not like to give one dollar extra even if it means haggling with the shop owner for half hour comes to your rescue with tips and tricks to save your bucks a big time, you know you better listen up. He is the self-confessed black belter in saving money and coupon clipping.

Here are a few nuggets of knowledge from his vast ocean of knowledge on how to find coupons online that can be used big time:

Chuck the paper coupons, get digital!

When I started out, I found this to be more difficult than clipping coupons from the paper but one week into it, I realized that it is a coupon clipper’s dream. Now there were no more messy wallets and cutting job to be done once in a while also. I only had to log onto the website and collect the coupons. Encashment is a breeze too!

The safest bet is to get on to the manufacturer’s website:

First thing first is to make a list of all the things that you often buy and love. Step two is to log on to the manufacturer’s site and download the coupons on offer. Some of the magnanimous ones will offer coupons for those who sign up for their periodic newsletters also!

Create an email account exclusively to get offers and coupons in your inbox:

You don’t want to miss important promotions and offers that you can combine with exciting coupons that you have been digitally stacking painstakingly? Create a new account so that your primary account does not get too full and overflowing with offers that you overlook the important ones.

Have you tried the Coupon companies yet?

If couponing stresses you out, don’t worry really. Get on to this super fantabulous website called the CouponoBox and clip away digitally. You can all the best coupons all at one place and zero stress; Howzat?