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Does YouTube Disrupt Media?

Traditional Media and YouTube

The disrupt media in this hypothesis is none other than Television, and there is a change in the game. YouTube does disrupt the flourishing business of television as it has made all the entertainment contents available worldwide at any point of time and also made them accessible in your pocket.  Previously television was the most used media, but now a whole lot of the population is shifting towards YouTube. Although some users still watch both TV and YouTube but where time is the primary factor, it certainly keeps away a significant number of users from television. The more the number of shifts; the more is the loss of the latter. The impact is more on the youth as this generation knows YouTube first and then television. They watch celebrities born on YouTube, and above all, they get all sort of entertainment news on YouTube.

Commercial advantage

In today’s highly competitive marketing era, the advertisers are shifting from the conventional approach to the latest highly attractive mediums. They are more interested in commercials shown as pre-roll before videos are played on YouTube. The fact is that as day by day YouTube view-count is growing with Anbieter für YouTube Views, the broadcasting media is suffering. In entertainment business the more you attract the audience; the advertising dollars get increased though the content owners do not feel the difference except the change of distribution pipeline. But yes the content owners are given options to monetize their production.

World’s Music Business on YouTube

Considering the ever growing music business, YouTube is the most popular resource where you can listen to the free music of your choice and options are countless and that also in your time. But at the same time, YouTube also encourages piracy. The biggest challenge that has been thrown to other traditional broadcasting media is that an artist can self-release a record and become the part of a large and loyal community easily. It is almost unthinkable in case of any other media.

The fact is that you can’t do anything as with the change of time this disruption is inevitable.…