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How Technology is Changing Customer Experience

2018 is widely mooted to be the year of seamless customer experience!

Wherever you are placed in an organization, it is important for you to know one thing and that is the customer will always call the shot!

Using technology to raise the bar of CX or Customer Experiences is one thing that corporates are engaging their staff in. and luckily, they are all employing a lot of technological aids and tools to make sure that they succeed. And the good news is that they are!

In a recent survey, it was discovered that more than 97 percent of the customers who were surveyed felt that customer experience was lacking even when they felt that they were belting out premium sums of money for the product.

Customers have many options today and if they choose a particular brand then it is because they expect the brand to deliver to them not just in terms of quality of the product or service but also in terms of quality after sales service. So, there is so much that more in building a healthy clientele even after the product has been sold!

Recently, a seminar on the challenges that technology helps us meet opened my eyes to a brilliant system for managing visitors in organizations.

The visitor management systems are a great tool for managing every kind of visitor to the organization. It is understood that the visitors can be the prospective clients or his representative or could also be someone who is a nuisance to the organization or someone who is entering the premises with an ulterior motive. A well-designed visitor’s management system can help make sure that only the people who are beneficial to the organization and those whose presence is wanted inlet into the precincts.

Making of gate passes et al is so old-fashioned now. It is so much easier to manage your organizational needs with the latest in the markets now!…

The Future of Drone Technology

Drone technology has been around for some years now, but it became popular in the last three years. Initially it was mainly used by experts for surveillance and in the media business. But lately, drones supplied by companies like Wingsland which is a great drone store for hobbyists by people of different ages and background.  

Drones are readily available for kids as well as adults, and it comes in various specification depending on the purpose it is being purchased for. There are some unique drones, each one with different features, some new longest flight time drones are amazing for enthusiasts wanting the best the market has to offer. 

For a curious mind, it’s not too much to look into what the future holds for this fascinating technology. Will drones be as popular as it is right now in the next five to ten years? Will it be smarter, more portable, cheaper, stronger and more durable? 

If anything, amazon has been working tirelessly to automate their product delivery process, and their core technology they’re exploring is drone delivery. The future of drone technology looks bright when you consider the current advancement in the field of artificial intelligence. In some years to come, drones will get smarter. 

In the nearest future drones will be used for more agricultural purpose. Currently, drone technology is being used on farm land primarily for surveillance purpose, but a recent report from Association of Unmanned Vehicle System international suggest that drones will be used in spraying insecticide or herbicide on farm land in the future. Because there are bigger drones with high payload that could easily get the job done. 

In the past, movie producers spend a great deal of money on aerial videography, but things have been made easy with the introduction of drone. It is appropriate to assume that more drones with expensive camera will be developed for this purpose in the future, the advancement of artificial intelligence will also improve the use of drone technology for media purposes.  

Drones would also be used for monitoring oil and water pipeline. This would prevent vandalism and equally help in detecting fault as quickly as possible. The technology is currently used for this purpose by few oil companies, more companies would adopt this technology as drones become more advanced, with introduction of heat-sensor on drones to detect leaks, the technology is becoming more reliable on daily basis.  

Geographical mapping is another area in which drone technology will be used extensively in the future. Currently, there are places that cannot be accessed by humans, but can easily be accessed with the use of drone. This technology would be employed in gather information such as pictures, land scape and general topography of such places.  

Security agencies would also employ the use of drone technology beyond surveillance. It would also be used extensively in search and rescue mission.  

As the technology evolves, more use will emanate, both in the military, commercial and personal sphere. Latest generation of drones are capable of transforming its shape and design, and they’ve evolved pas the stage of remote control, as they can be used thousands of miles with the help of GPS and other sophisticated manning technology. The future looks extremely bright for this technology and time can only tell how much it would influence our society in the future.…