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How technology is improving the construction industry in 2018

Technology is changing everything, from manufacturing to services to restaurants to Internet Technology and a whole host of other effects of technology. The global construction industry is forecasted to grow over 10 and a half trillion dollars by the year 2025 with an average yearly growth rate of 4% from 2018 to 2025. With this growth, it’s becoming increasingly clear that technology is going to be implemented within the construction industry at an increasingly fast pace that will radically change how the construction industry employs, functions and generates revenue. Read the rest of this article for more info.

  • Eco Friendly construction with more renewable energy usage

This will make bigger and better houses/construction projects easier and less expensive to do, if the process of construction is enhanced with the usage of green energy like Solar/Wind energy, fully automated construction lines, labor reducing technologies and safer work protocols can drastically lower the amount of money needed to construct a certain type of property.

  • 3-dimensional printing

The second technology that is now coming of age is the advent of 3D printing, the main constraints that have prohibited its growth over the past years has been the time and cost factor, the machines took a large amount of time and the cost to finish a project was extraordinarily expensive, hence why it was sparely used. Now companies are spread everywhere from China (, Australia (, and the US (

  • Robotics

Robotic workers will help augment the workforce in the future, from more autonomous cranes, to more efficient forklifts, these will help workers in construction finish projects earlier, cheaper and more efficiently. The payback time for these robots have been falling in practically every single industry for years and it will likely reach sustainable levels sometime in the near future.