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10 Amazing Inventions from Ancient Times

It is not surprising if we find the ancient ways of how the life was lead by humans with simple tools, yet an effective and time-tested ways of amazing technology, not in the true sense but definitely ahead of their times. As archeologist dig up discoveries that will take us aback by how forward thinking was the way of life, as new excavations unfold the untold mysteries of the bygone era, let us see some amazing inventions

  • at calendar system, that probably was used as calendar system, was excavated in Scotland, in 2004 that could be more than 10000 years old, with 12 pits, for the months, and the arc type design that measured the lunar month was highly complex and amazing discovery
  • a Nimrud lens more than 3000 years old was used to ignite a fire, trapping the sun rays and reflecting it back, like a magnifying glass or could be a telescope to study the star movement
  • Roman concrete that is found under the Mediterranean is 2000 years old, the volcanic rock was used along with limestone that made it impossible to break or dissolve in water after so many years is amazing
  • the metal coating used on statues and thin films preserved the sheen and the mercury-based process retained the best effects to give a completely great look thousands of years ago
  • zero discovered initially in the Asian subcontinent was used to measure and design the number system, that is highly used in the complex mathematical calculation
  • eye makeup was not a thing of past, but in fact history, the dark lines of the Kohl made of soot and other minerals used to draw a fine thin line on the eyes were used for healing properties and ward off evil eyes
  • The health fitness. marathon, that the Greek soldier ran down to come and give the message of victory in the war, is still a sports form in the Olympics
  • the paper that has been before 3000 BC was made of plant reed and bee wax, gum and papyrus trees have been a major source of news, information and circular saw reviews are evident
  • the sinful chocolate from the cocoa beans nearly was more than 3000 years that have been relished by the world
  • Greece Democracy has influenced the work politics and the government to establish the concept.