Mobile Technology for Children – Designing for Interaction and Learning

Always remember that learning is more when interaction is more.  Hence it is important to select the learning tools which children use in such a way that those interact with the kids.  Especially children use a lot of mobile technology like android mobiles, laptops, and tablets where ever they go.  They spend more time with these gadgets than their textbooks.  Hence these gadgets are designed in such a way that interaction and learning have more scope.

Is it possible to improve learning by using mobile technology?

The answer is yes.  You will be surprised to know the range of fields in which the learning interest of children can be encouraged.  Right from astronomy to gardening you can make them learn numerous things voluntarily.  There is a wide range of such games available in starwalkkids for children of all ages.

Benefits of using mobile technology interaction for learning:

  1. Kids improve mathematical skills
  2. Brain development becomes fast. Hence reasoning and logical thinking become
  3. There is no force element in learning. The child is not compelled.  Hence learning becomes a joyful process and the child will look forward to learning more and more out of its own interest.
  4. Improves self-confidence in children
  5. It increases sensory perception.

There is a whole range of technological gadgets which help in gazing stars, understanding chemical reactions, puzzle solving etc.  When children learn through these they tend to remember more things for a longer duration. Also not all the children will get an opportunity to see instruments like telescopes, microscopes etc in real life.  Hence the mobile technology will surely help the children to have a learning experience at the doorstep of home.  Also, this will help them to use their time in a positive and good way.  Especially children are more vulnerable to the cons of technology.  Designing for interaction and learning is more needed for the positive growth of children.