The Best Futuristic Auto Repair Technologies

What do you generally do when your car gives you some trouble? You will either take it to the nearest garage to get it repaired or if it is not in a position to be driven to the shop, you get the mechanic to come where you are and take a look at your car.

Very soon, that won’t have to be the procedure. With the concept of automotive repair catching on, thanks to the invasion of technology into our lives and making us more dependable on computers and other gadgets rather than humans and their skills.

Automotive repair is already being tested and accepted by few car owners. One can know more about this on

Here are some automotive repair technologies we will see spreading soon:

DIY Repairs

With Raspberry Pi, one can hook it up to their car and run the diagnostics to find out what is wrong where. Though this is not completely new, it is small, compact and cheap, and anyone can use it. It need not be a professional auto repair shop that hooks the car to its laptop to run the diagnostics. If you know a little bit of programming and have all the latest updates for this technology, you can do it yourself.

Body Panels

Cars today are increasingly using aluminum body panels. It is no more reserved for the high-end models. With a change in the body material of the car, the technology used should also change. What was used on steel body parts may not be suitable for the much lighter aluminum material? A change in technology will not be only for a different material used in making the cars but is also expected to accommodate other features for safety and increase the performance of the car.


With WiFi hotspots being enabled in cars, the updates can be made at home. one need not take the car to the nearest mechanic shop or to the dealer for timely updates on the software like a GPS navigation system, etc in use. These updates when done at home by yourself, are much faster and cheaper and you can do it at any time of your choice.