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This is your starting point to find more information about a specific process. The information database is built from users queries from the What’s Running program. Information is hyperlinked to help you find related information.
The information will help you determine what versions of software you are running, learn more about processes that may be adware or spyware and help you find out what is actually running in your computer.
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Top 10 Process Queries
Product Name Process name View count Query count
Microsoft® Windows® Operating System svchost.exe 132962 16610
Microsoft® Windows® Operating System ctfmon.exe 58602 11021
Microsoft® Windows® Operating System alg.exe 86517 6989
[System Process] 34071 6889
Microsoft® Windows® Operating System lsass.exe 44120 6768
Microsoft® Windows® Operating System csrss.exe 44282 6054
System 20820 3639
Microsoft® Windows® Operating System smss.exe 37003 3630
vsmon.exe 26178 3206
Microsoft® Windows® Operating System winlogon.exe 18461 2809
10 Latest additions
Product Name Process name View count Query count
djlzoss.exe 10 1
vsnphv71.exe 27 1
Windows Agent agent.exe 26 1
chrome.exe 40 1
resultdefrag.exe 43 1
InstallBrain Installer InstallBrainService.exe 71 1
tanljy.exe 55 1
msxct.exe 55 1
tcprelay.exe 62 1
VER_PRODUCT_NAME 39brmon.exe 92 1

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