SPLwow64.exe Error on Windows [WAYS TO SOLVE]

This article will show you how to fix “SPLwow64.exe” error on Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP. If you are getting this error while installing software or updating some programs, it means there is a problem with the installation files. You must download the latest version of the file again and try to install it. In case you cannot find the correct version of the file, you can use our tool to check whether the file is corrupted or damaged.

If you still face problems, we recommend contacting the developer directly. To do this, go to the product’s web site and look for contact information.

#1. Check the Internet connection speed

To solve this issue, make sure that your internet connection is working properly. Try downloading the same file from another computer or device. If the problem persists, try restarting your modem or router.

#2. Restart your PC

Sometimes, the problem occurs because of system errors. Make sure that your PC is running smoothly. Close all open applications and windows, and reboot your PC.

#3. Update your antivirus program

What is the use of Splwow64.exe?

Splwow64.exe is one of those tools that every Windows user needs to know about. It is used to run 32bit applications on a 64bit operating system. If you are running a 64bit version of Windows 10, it is highly likely that you already have this program installed. However, there are some instances where you might need to download and install it manually. In this article we will explain what Splwow64.exe does and how it works.

When does a problem happen?

The most common problems we see are related to the print queue. This includes issues such as “Print job failed”, “Printer busy”, “No paper tray detected”. These errors usually indicate that there is something wrong with the print queue itself.

If you’re seeing one of these errors, it could mean that the print queue is full, or that the print queue is corrupted. In either case, you’ll want to check out our guide on how to fix print queue errors.

1. Activate the Print Troubleshooter.

If you’re having trouble printing, here are some things to try:

• Check the printer driver settings. You might want to update it if it’s out of date.

• Make sure the paper tray isn’t jammed.

• Try different types of paper. Some printers work better with certain kinds of paper.

• Reset the print queue. This resets everything in the print queue, including the job itself. To reset the print queue, follow these steps:

Open Control Panel. Click Printers and Faxes. Select Manage Printer Properties. In the General tab, select Reset Queue.

• Reboot your computer. Rebooting clears temporary files and programs, which could cause problems.

2. Turn off Client-Side Rendering.

The Splwow64.exe error code is one of the most common errors encountered while trying to print documents. If you are facing the same problem, then it might be because the client-side printing feature is enabled on your device. In case you don’t know how to disable client-side rendering, here are some steps to follow:

1. Open the Control Panel.

2. Click Printers & Faxes.

3. Right-click the printer name and select Properties.

4. Go to the Advanced tab.

5. Select “Disable client-side rendering”.

6. Save changes.

3. Change the Windows Registry Keys.

To modify the registry keys, you can use RegEdit.exe. Type regedit.exe into the box and press Enter. Click OK.

You’ll see a window like this one.

In the Search textbox, type HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon. Double-click Winlogon. Right-click the value named DefaultUserName and select Delete. Then double-click the value named UserParameters. Select the option labeled Value Data and enter the following string: %SystemRoot%\system32\config\SYSTEM. Restart your PC.

After rebooting, log out of your account and log back in again. Your desktop wallpaper will change to the default background image. If you don’t like the new wallpaper, you can replace it with another picture. Go to File Explorer and navigate to the location where you saved the file. Open the file and drag the image onto the desktop.

Now, you’re done.

4. Printer drivers should be updated.

If you are facing problems while installing or updating printer driver, it could be due to outdated drivers. In such cases, you must update your printer drivers. There are many reasons why you might require printer drivers. For example, if you are planning to install a new printer, you will need to download the latest printer drivers. Also, if you are trying to connect a wireless network printer, you will need the correct drivers installed on your computer.

You can use Driver Easy to update your printer drivers easily. This software helps you to identify the exact model of your printer and automatically downloads the required drivers. After downloading, you can simply run the setup file and follow the instructions to complete the installation process. Once done, you can enjoy hassle free printing experience.

Download Driver Easy now and start enjoying hassle free printing experience. Download Driver Easy now and start experiencing hassle free printing experience.

5. Utilize CleanMyPC.

CleanMyPC is a great tool for cleaning up your computer. You don’t even need to register it. Just download it and run it. It scans your hard disk and removes temporary files, cookies, cache, history, and much more. It also optimizes your system and improves performance.

You can use it to scan, defragment, optimize, repair registry errors, and fix startup problems. If you want to clean up your browser, you can do that too. In addition, you can delete unused programs, uninstall unwanted apps, and remove unnecessary drivers.

The best part about CleanMyPC is that it does not slow down your computer. It runs quietly in the background without affecting your work. There are no ads or popups. You just need to download it and run it once.

6. Install Printer Ports again.

This method will fix the SPLWow64.ex error on windows 10. If you are getting this error while trying to print something, it could mean that there is some problem with the port settings. You can try reinstalling the printer driver. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Open Control Panel

2. Click Printers and Faxes

3. Right-click on the printer icon and select Properties

4. Select the Driver tab

5. Check the box next to “Install a device driver software now”

6. Follow the instructions to install the driver



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