What is conime.exe and should I remove it?

conime.exe is part the Microsoft Console Input Method editor (IME). This program lets you input text into foreign languages such as Chinese or Japanese. If you’re interested in learning about how to use this tool, check out our guide here.

Some people have reported conime.exe files that masqueradeas legit programs. They’re often disguised as games, utilities or other software. When you open conime.exe, you should seea message saying that it’ssafe. However, if youdon’t see any messages,there could be somethingwrong with your computer.

What does Windows conime.exe do?

Conime.exe is a legit Windows system program that allows you to type Asian characters into the command promp without having to copy/paste them from another app like Notepad. This file is added automatically everytime we open the Command Prompt application, making it easy to type Asian languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean etc.

Users can find this file under: %SystemRoot%\\system32\\cmdline.com

Authentic components or a security risk?

The conime.exe executable file is a common component of most malware infections. However, there are two ways to detect whether it is legitimate or a malicious add-on.

First, you can run the file in a virtual machine and see if it does anything suspicious. If it opens normally, it is probably safe. Second, you can open the file in an editor like Notepad and look for strings such as “conime”, “conime.exe”, “Conime”, etc. This will help you determine what the file actually does.

If you find something suspicious, you can use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to scan your system and remove the malicious software. You can download Malwarebytes here.

How safe is conime.exe?

Conime.exe appears in Windows 10 Task Manager if you are running an Asian language version of Windows 10. It is a malicious file that could slow down your system. This article explains what it does and how to prevent it from slowing down your computer.

What Is conime.exe?

conime.exe is a malicious executable file that causes problems with your computer. It slows down your computer and makes it unstable. It is usually found in the task manager under the process named “conime.exe.” You might see something like this:

This is a screenshot of conime.exe in my computer. I am running Windows 7 Professional x64 edition.

How Does conime.exe Slow Down My Computer?

When you run conime.exe, it opens up multiple windows and processes. These processes make your computer slower. They use too much memory and CPU resources. If you don’t stop them, your computer becomes very sluggish.

How to Determine Whether conime.exe Is Virus

If you open a file called “conime.exe,” you might want to think twice about downloading it. This application could potentially infect your PC with malware. Here’s why.

The program itself looks legitimate. It even displays the name of the creator, “Conime Team.” But the truth is, it isn’t a real app. Instead, it’s a trojan horse designed to steal personal information and money from unsuspecting users.

This malicious program masquerades as a video converter. In reality, however, it’s actually a backdoor Trojan that gives hackers access to your system. Once installed, the virus sends data back to a remote server, where it collects information such as passwords, credit card numbers, and banking info.

To make matters worse, the malware can collect sensitive information without ever displaying a warning screen. And because it doesn’t show up in Windows’ built-in security tools, most people won’t realize anything is wrong.

Fortunately, there are ways to detect and eliminate the threat. For example, you can use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to scan your machine for hidden infections. You can also check whether the file belongs to a known developer by checking the URL listed in the About tab.

Once you’ve removed the malware, change your password immediately. Then, contact your bank or financial institution to alert them of the breach.

Check the File Location

The conime.exe file is used to generate unique identifiers for Microsoft Exchange servers. If you are experiencing issues with mailboxes, it could be due to the fact that the conime.exe process is running in the background. To check whether there is a problem with this process, open Task Manager and look for the conime.exe application. You can find it under the Services tab.

If the conime.exe does exist, you can locate it by looking into the System32 folder. Open Command Prompt and type the following command:

You must replace C:\ with the actual path to the system directory. This command searches for the conime.exefile in the entire computer.

To locate the exact location of the conime.exe, use the above command with the –c switch. For example, if you want to know where the conime.exes are located in the %SystemDrive%\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\bin\ directory, enter the following command:

Enter Safe Mode and Run Your Antivirus Program

A computer infected with conimee.exe will display an alert saying “Windows could not complete the required service.” This happens because Windows cannot start some processes, such as the anti-virus software, while it is running in safe mode. To fix this problem, boot into safe mode and run the anti-virus program.

(Safe mode) In addition to disabling unnecessary startup items, you can use the following steps to enter safe mode:

1. Press F8 repeatedly during startup.

2. Select Safe Mode from the menu.

3. When prompted, restart your PC.

(Antivirus programs) If you are unable to access the desktop, try one of the following options:

1. Restart your computer.

How to Block the Trusted Conime.exe

To disable the legitimate conime.exe, you must remove all the Asian language packs. Then, reboot your computer. After rebooting, delete the conime.exe program. This will prevent conime.exe from being executed again. However, conime.exe will still run in the background. You’ll see the following pop up window every few minutes: “You’re trying to access an invalid address.” If you want to completely block conime.exe from executing, you’ll need to use a registry cleaner like Reimage Plus.

Should I stop Conime.exe running?

The Conime.exe process is used by Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Publisher, Visio, Project, InfoPath, OneNote, SharePoint Designer, and others. Some people believe that it slows down computers. However, there are many legitimate reasons why one might want to disable the process. Here are some examples:

1. You are running a program called “Conime.exe.” If you do not know what it does, please read this article.

2. You are running a third party application that uses the conime.exe file.

3. You are running a software update.

4. You are running an antivirus product.

5. You are running a firewall.

6. You are running a browser extension.




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