What is iType.exe and Should You Delete it?

I am sure you are aware about the term “IType.exe”. This executable file is used by some malicious software applications. If you don’t want to see it again, we recommend you to disable IType.exe completely.

You can use Partition Manager to delete IType.exe and related files.

How to Disable IType exe?

1. Launch Windows Explorer.

2. Click Start button and open Control Panel.

3. Select Uninstall a program option.

4. Find out IType.exe and select it. Then press Next button.

IType.exe: What Is It?

IType.exe is an important component of Microsoft IntelliType Keyboard Drivers. Some malicious software authors use IType.exe to disguise their programs as legitimate ones. If you are infected by such a program, you might notice some unusual behavior like slow performance, frequent crashes, and unexpected popups. These symptoms indicate that IType.exe is installed on your computer.

How Can You Remove IType.exe From Your Computer?

There are several ways to remove IType.exe from your PC. In fact, most of the methods listed here work well. However, there is no guarantee that they will completely eliminate the threat. Therefore, you should try each method one by one until you find the one that works best for you. Here are the steps:

Method #1: Use Windows Defender Security Center

Windows Defender Security Center is included with every version of Windows 10. It provides powerful protection against viruses, spyware, adware, and other threats. This tool helps you keep your PC safe and secure.


Open Windows Defender Security Center.

Itype.exe may be deleted or removed.

If you are having issues with itype.exe, there could be several reasons why that happens. For example, you may accidentally deleted some important files. In such cases, you should try to restore those files. If you still cannot solve the problem, you can always use a third-party tool like MalwareBytes AntiMalware Free Edition to help you clean up the virus infection. You can find the link here.

Before you start cleaning up the malware, make sure that you check whether the program is safe to run. Therefore, you should scan the file with itype.exe with antivirus software. You can do this by downloading Malwarebytes AntiMalWare Free Edition. After installing the application, launch it and follow the instructions. This way, you can easily remove itype.exe without causing further damage to your computer.

How Do I Remove or Stop IType.exe?

Generally, you can disable Ittype.exe if you want, and there are many ways to do it. You can use Task Manager, Registry Editor, Command Prompt, etc. If you don’t know how to do it, here’s one way to delete/disable Itype.exe.

1. Open “Task Manager”. Click on “Processes”, find Itype.exe and press End Process button. Then close “Task Manager”.

2. Go to “Control Panel\Programs\Startup” and check “Disable programs that run when Windows starts”. Remove Itype.exe from startup list.

3. Restart computer.

4. Check again whether Itype.exe is disabled.

5. If it still exists, try to start Itype.exe manually.

6. If it works, go to step 3.

Itype.exe may be downloaded or updated.

If you’re having issues with itype.exe, you might want to try installing the latest version of itypesetup.exe. This update fixes some bugs and improves performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Compatibility Assistant?

The Compatibility Assistant is a tool designed to help Windows 10 users find compatible applications. It scans your computer and checks whether there are any incompatible programs installed. If it finds one, it displays a warning message about the incompatibility and suggests possible solutions.

What’s the process for the Compatibility Assistant?

When you start up Windows 10, the Compatibility Assistant automatically starts scanning your system. It looks for programs that might cause problems with Windows 10. For example, some older games don’t play well with Windows 10, or certain apps may conflict with Microsoft Edge. When it detects such a problem, it presents a warning message and offers suggestions for solving the issue.

This feature is called “Windows Store for Business,” and it allows IT administrators to control what apps are allowed to be downloaded and used within their organization. This option is only visible if you are running Windows 10 Enterprise, Education, or Pro editions.

How can you tell whether your PC has the itype.exe malware?

If you are experiencing problems with your PC, you might want to know whether there is something wrong with your hard disk, memory card or even your motherboard. You can use VirusTotal to scan your files and see if anything suspicious pops up. There are many different types of viruses and malwares that can affect your PC. Some of them can cause serious damage to your data while others can just slow down your device. Fortunately, we have compiled a comprehensive guide that will help you identify the most common threats.

To begin, open the browser and navigate to www.virustotal.com. If you don’t have an account yet, sign up now and start scanning your files. Once you’re logged into your account, you’ll notice that the site offers several options. Click on “Scan Files & Folders”. Then select the file or folder that you wish to analyze. After clicking on “Start Scan”, the tool will take some time to scan the selected item. When finished, you’ll receive a detailed report about the infection.

You can also download free antivirus software such as Avira Free Antivirus, AVG AntiVirus Plus, Bitdefender Total Security 2017, ESET NOD32 Antivirus Pro, Kaspersky Internet Security 2018, Malwarebytes Premium, Microsoft Security Essentials, Norton 360, Panda Cloud Antivirus, Sophos Home Edition, Trend Micro Office 365 Security 2016, Vipre Endpoint Protection, Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus, Zemana AntiMalware, etc. These programs offer real-time protection against malicious code, spyware, adware, trojans, rootkits, keyloggers, dialers, worms, ransomware, and other potentially unwanted applications.

How Can I Prevent iType.exe From Running Every Startup?

Rightclick on the Start button, select “Task Manager,” and open the Startup tab. You’ll see iType.exe listed there. Click on it and you’ll find the option to Disable it. This way, you won’t be bothered by iType every time you start Windows.



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